Missing a weekl of training?

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    What should I do if I miss the last week (Week 12) of the Triathlon Maintenance plan? After that I wanted to start the Maintenance Plan again for the first 3 weeks and the finally switch over and start the Half IM Lvl 1 plan to be ready for the race in June.


    David Warden

    BT, the Maintenance plan is so flexible, and the weeks so short that I don’t see any reason for you to pick up the Maintenance plan right on Week 1 again. If you’ve done the first 11 weeks of the plan, your fitness is going to be strong and you won’t miss a beat if you pick that plan at any point in the plan.

    But, instead consider repeating the first 3 weeks of IM plan (very similar to the first 3 weeks of the Maintenance plan). I would not repeat the first 2 or 4, just the first 3, but that fits nicely since it is a full mesocycle (2 weeks hard one week rest).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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