Missing runs whilst on vacation

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    I am doing the Beginner level 0 half marathon which I love and so far it’s going well.

    I had to redo two weeks of the program because the race I am doing got postponed by two weeks.

    Next week I will be on vacation and it’s very unlikely I will be able to run at all. Will I be okay missing week 9 this time when I have run it before?

    How would others deal with this?


    I’m not a coach, but have been in a similar position. MY concern would be to avoid injury by stopping for a week and then moving up 2 weeks. Firstly, can you do some fitness on holiday eg in a pool and or gym, running up stairs etc. Secondly I would use the first week back to move from week 8-9, say by using days 1-3 from week 8 then the rest from week 9. I don’t think a week is anything to worry about, enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed!


    My best advice would be to try to get some sort of activity in while you are on vacation. A long walk, hiking, or some treadmill runs to keep the body moving would be the best thing while you are in half marathon training. Injuries can occur if you take a week off and then try to jump right back in to training when you return.

    I hope that helps! Enjoy your vacation!



    Thank you both for your help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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