Modifying a taper for Level 1 5K plan

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    I love your plans. I’m doing the Level 1 5K plan right now. I’m parent with 2 little kids, so I’m running the plan to have my rest day on Saturdays. My race is actually on a Sunday though. I’m wondering what workouts I should plug in the 3 days during the last week…


    We get this question a lot regarding shifting workouts to fit in the busy life schedules.

    Perhaps the easiest way to simply shift the workouts that week to accommodate the Sunday race using the workouts that are already in the plan.  For example, since you’ll be tapering a bit for the 5k, the workouts can be shifted from the week before to flow in to the taper week.  You most likely will not have a rest day on the Saturday before the race, so a shorter run on that day should fit in quite well.


    I hope that makes sense!

    Coach Anne

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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