Moving a C event to a B Event Inside the Stamina Plan

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    I just today completed week four of the Stamina Program (a recovery week). I have planned a 10 mile race in four weeks at the end of the next recovery week. When I started the plan my intention was to do the event in place of the long run at the end of the recovery week.

    My fitness today indicates that I can achieve a result that could qualify me for a seeded entry in a national race early next year, but I’m on the edge because of the summer temperature indexes. I’m looking for some kind of insurance if it gets warm on race day.

    My thoughts are to either reduce the days before the race, or just substitute each of the Endurance Runs for the next three weeks with Aerobic Interval runs where I can gain some practice at goal pacing for the race and otherwise follow the plan as is.

    Any suggestions?

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi Charles,
    I’m not sure what level of plan you are following (I am assuming you are doing the 80/20 run endurance plan?). I would suggest you follow the plan a is do a slight taper the week of the race, reducing the your foundation runs down to 20-30mins that week should help. 20mins day before event.



    The taper suggestion worked perfectly for me. I made a minor adjustment by reducing a couple of workouts the week prior (it’s an age thing, I need a bit more time during the taper), and I substituted Dave Warden’s stride workout (on the Stryd platform) the day prior to the race.

    Goal met. Thanks for the guidance.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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