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    Hello. I am relatively new to trail running – less than 1.5 years in this sport and nothing special before that. This year I ran 6 races, including two 100 milers. Well, anyone who finishes a 100 miler is excited, but honestly the last one I finished without a smile, it was hilly. I gave myself 2 weeks to heal and slowly back to running. No injuries, but I still feel some knee pain which goes away while running. More importantly I sill feel low energy. However, I tempting to signup for a 200 miler. Few questions to experienced:

    1. When it is time to think about a 200 miler for a runner? When that is reasonable? Is there any good indication like if you can run 100 milers every month you are good to sign up for 200? I know 200 is a different story than 100, but currently I feel I don’t know how big is the challenge until I tried. I don’t have DNFs yet, but I know it will come at some point so I am ready pay this price for valuable experience. Obviously DNF is not my goal 🙂

    2. Is it reasonable to fully heal and recover first and then sign up? The reason I am asking is that I am 20 weeks away from the event. I understand that another 100 miler would be a safer plan or maybe even just 50 is even more reasonable. Honestly, few hours before finishing the last one I was confident I will not run a 100 for long, but not now tempting for 200.

    3. What would be a good training plan for 200? I understand there is no winning formula and the longer the distance the more specific the plan for it should be. There will be more walking than on a 100. May be I need to include long walks as walking targets slightly different muscles. I am cycling 3-4 hours per week. May be I need to include some long rides. May be do long, but slow runs/walks/rides back to back as I will likely to spend 3 nights in the race. I am reading about 200 milers, but would appreciate any good source of information that matches your experience.

    I live close to one of the 200 milers, but move away from this place here next year so this factor increases my temptation. Finally, I am shifting more from a strict goal oriented type of an athlete to more of a fun way runner. So I am letting myself to fluctuate from what looks reasonable to what I just like more.

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    There is definitely a lot to digest here and a lot of factors that need to be considered.  I think with the depth of these questions, it would be best to schedule a consult with one of our coaches to discuss.

    You can book some time with a coach here:


    Coach Anne


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