New LTHR Email from TrainingPeaks During Oly Tri

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    So I’ve done some googling and perusing through the forum and I haven’t found the specific answer I’m looking for, perhaps my google fu is failing me, or maybe this is just too specific a question.

    Today I raced my 2nd Oly tri and decided to push it about as hard as I could on the run after pushing a bit on the bike. It was warm and sunny and I didn’t look at my HR at all during the run, basically going off of RPE and known paces/zones.

    My LTHR is set at 169 BPM in training peaks, getting this number from many 20/30 minute Z3 runs throughout my last two years following 8020 plans. I got an email from training peaks after uploading the race and it said to to update my LTHR to 180 BPM. The 10k run took me ~56 minutes and I averaged ~180 BPM through that hour, so it makes sense why it’d email me that.

    My question is: because this was during a race, should I throw that number out and ignore it? I know that you shouldn’t pay attention to HR during a race since it will likely be higher than when you train, pace and RPE being better indicators on race day. I just don’t want to crank up my LTHR and then fall into the middle-intensity rut that I was in before finding these polarized training plans.

    All this being said, my plans are run pace/bike power, but I also look at HR to make sure I’m not overdoing it on hot days.

    What do y’all think? Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find it!

    Leyla Porteous

    I don’t recommend updating training thresholds from racing data due to the variables that impact HR you mentioned (excitability, heat, etc). Whilst this HR does indicate that you can push your HR up that high under race conditions – this is probably not your training HR threshold (one of the many reasons we recommend using pace and power to train to).



    That’s what I had guessed, but I just wanted to make sure! Thanks for the reply and reassurance :).

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