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    Hi all

    Have found some good partial answers to my queries in a couple of threads here but wanted to bring it all together. I’m aiming for a first marathon about 4 days before I turn 50 in May 2023. Training peaks tells me I’m 35 weeks away.

    I’ve been picking up the running via a friends advice over the last 4 months and can happily do 13-15km (slowly) as part of 4 or 5 runs a week (just done week 1 of Marathon L1 plan)

    I’m trialing the Marathon L1 plan but realised it’s only 24 weeks long – so I have 9 spare. Question is – what to do in the meantime? Discovered 80/20 options like
    – running weight (I need to lose about 15kgs on top of 10 so far)
    – maintenance plan
    – build endurance
    – run faster

    Or should I aim for a 1/2 marathon towards the end of the year and then into the full program from the start of next year?

    Need to keep the kms up I think (haven’t hardly run in about 25 years) but not burn out – and I’m sure my knees and hips are going to start playing up at some point too so need to nurse them along.

    Thanks for any advice.



    I really like the Run Endurance Plan. It has a nice balance with fartlek, progression and long runs making it a great way to build milage. I abandoned the plan early for a race opportunity and while not in racing form I had enough fitness to meet my race goals.

    At 11 weeks it is longer than you have available. But, as you point out, mileage is king and it takes the longest to develop and adapt.

    As an older runner I had problems with the 4 week cycle and had to make adjustments. When I do it again I will drop one week from each cycle to adapt it to my abilities.


    I’m 56 and started running from zero at age 50. If you are worried about injury and have variable terrain (on/off road, hills etc) then I recommend looking at investing in a Stryd to help keep the punishment on your joints consistent. Note a new version is coming out in Nov (in UK).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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