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    Hi all,

    New subscriber to the 80/20 Endurance workout plans. Have a question which I can’t find definitively answered within the large amount of information available here.

    I understand swim workouts don’t sync from TP to Garmin, workout files need to be uploaded to the device manually. Just to be sure here, is the best functionality available that the Garmin device displays the pace Zone’s name during each interval (e.g. Zone 3), and we have to memorise our swim pace zone ranges for each zone?


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    David Warden


    That’s one of the advantages of the Structured Workout feature from TP, it packages up your one custom zones as part of the workout (dynamic). The free workout library (swim workouts and all workout) is static. It just says “Zone 2” and relies on you to memorize your zones.

    Remember, 4 years ago there was no structured workouts and everyone had to not only memorize their zones for Pace, Power and HR, but memorize the entire structure of the workout!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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