No marathon pace in Marathon Level 1 plan ?

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    I’m currently training for my first marathon with the pre-built TP plan, after successfully getting PR after PR in half-marathons following the book plans (yay !)

    I checked in the book and at week fifteen, there’s a marathon simulation run. In the TP plan, it’s RL29. I was wondering if there’s a need to run at marathon pace during the training block. Steady state are a bit faster than MP, and my endurance runs are more or less 20 second slower than my target race pace.

    Should I include a few Kms at race pace during the 31k run at week 16 ?

    To be honest, I trust the process as I see that my fitness is increasing (HR is going lower and lower for the same power targets), I was just wondering why this run disappeared, and in general, I am really curious about the changes and differences between the book and the current plans. For instance, the disappearance of the LRFF or LRSP, not always easy but it added some variety in the long runs.

    Thanks a lot !


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Sam,

    No coach ever builds the same plan twice. We’re always learning, refining our methods, changing our minds about certain things. My 80/20 marathon plans have gone through a couple of iterations since the book came out. I still stand behind the ones in the book, but the plans currently available on the website are more representative of my latest thinking. To answer your specific question, I do think it’s wise to get some practice at one’s targeted race pace in marathon training.

    Coach Matt


    Thanks for your reply Matt !

    I replace two long runs with the RMP runs, will give me confidence regarding the target as well 🙂

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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