No pool access race week – adapting workouts for OW

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    Good Day. It is Monday which means it is race week (Texas 70.3!).

    I’ve just confirmed the Lasker Pool in Galveston in closed until mid-April. I can’t find another pool within a reasonable driving distance (I am not a local). There does seem to be a few locations for OWS (good and bad).

    I am following the book’s Level 3 HIM plan. This week calls for three swims: SSI1, SCI1, and STa1.

    What’s the best way to adapt these workouts to open water swim workouts? Thank you

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Given that it’s just one week it doesn’t matter too much. You can just try to match the total distance and get in some efforts at the target intensity of the main set. You can count strokes as a proxy for distance. For example, if you normally take 15 strokes per 25 yards in Zone 5, then count 15 strokes for the Zone 5 intervals in the SSI swim. Good luck in your race!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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