nutrition while on a plan (cutting / bulking)

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    right now im in the middle of plans after a cancelled race like were all dealing with.

    im taking the opportunity to do some cutting by staying a little calorie deficient to trim a little bit of covid / quarantine fat picked up. only a few pounds but still.

    this made me think more about nutrition in relation to bulking / cutting while going through a plan that utilizes periodization like what these awesome 80/20 plans use.

    would the general idea be to “bulk” during the front part of the plan where were focused more on building power, then once we start moving to the more steady state work and working on endurance (up until a little before race where we would do some carb loading) cut back on the daily calories a little and trim some of the possible fat that we picked up?

    or would it be a more bulk / cut, bulk / cut following the build weeks and rest weeks throughout the entire plan?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Damon,

    As an endurance coach and nutritionist I don’t offer guidelines on “bulking.” The goal itself is antithetical to endurance fitness and performance. I’m not saying it’s a bad goal–just that it’s not one I ever coach endurance athletes toward. I can certainly offer advice on getting leaner and building functional strength, but you’re better off finding other resources to guide your “bulking” efforts.



    thanks for the reply matt! when i say “bulking”, i guess i am using the wrong term as that does apply more towards weightlifting and getting “swole”.

    what i should say is having enough calories in the day to meet your needs and still gain muscle versus taking the opportunity to be a touch cal deficient to cut a little fat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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