Objectives per training phase and 4 week cycles

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    Hi – the IM70.3 plan is broken into 2 phases – general and specific. I think I understand the objectives of each (General = build strength and fitness; Specific = race pace strength and speed/pace). However, I also see 4 week cycles in the training plan – would it be possible in the instructions to describe the objectives / intent of each of these 4 week cycles?




    I just kind of trust the plan : )

    I do believe the intent of the 4-week cycles is to build/recover – so three weeks building, then 1 week testing/recovery. One of the most important parts of that week is in the recovery and is a key component to reducing injury – you can’t keep building, building and building without having any down time. Then, you are ready to build even more in the next cycle.

    At least that is how I understand it…Of course, I could be wrong…. Ther emight be limitations to space/simplicity for not including every “why” on the plan – I have yet to purchase or read the books to really go into depth on the “why behind the science” (ah, time) – but will do so at some point – https://www.8020endurance.com/?s=book


    Hey – thanks – like you I generally trust the plan- but I’m interested to see how each 4 week training cycle builds you up as an athlete for the race! I’d like a reason / understand why those particular workouts in that particular order to motivate through the suffering!

    David Warden

    Gareth, Leyla is working on a weekly summary for each tri plan, that will be done very shortly. We don’t have plans for a meso-cycle summary. That’s not a bad idea, but I think you’ll find the weekly summaries will be what you are looking for.



    Brilliant! Thanks 👍


    You can get some interesting insights with the Training Peaks Performance Management Chart. Just select the date for your future workouts.

    For example, I have three plans on my calendar for this year. I begin with the Run Faster Plan, followed by the Running Build Endurance Plan, then a Running Race Plan. The differences are a revealing look at how the various plans are structured to achieve specific objectives.

    On the PMC you can click on any of the blue or red dots to view the specific workouts and get an instant look at the specific workout so to get a good idea of what adaptation you are working on that given day.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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