Off season strength training plan choice

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    Marius T

    Hi all,

    Currently, I’m in my triathlon off season, trying to raise my FTP and gain some pure strength and muscle conditioning. I’m long and thin, weak and without much body mass, more a marathoner type physique and I saw that is detrimental to my performance (cycling and running, especially in the late stage of the course).

    I already did 6 weeks of triathlon off season premium strength training plan. Thought I like the strength plan and the “quiet confidence” that it gives me, I feel that is more core and stability orientated (but I have to say that there is still a significant proportion of deadlifts and squats movements).

    Taking into consideration my goals, will be a good idea to adopt a more heavy weight orientated program, like the OCR strength plan? I like the max day/muscular endurance day concept.

    Will be OCR strength plan a better choice for my goals and will translate to triathlon performance? Or is better to stick with the triathlon strength plan?

    Thank you for your help,

    David Warden

    Marius, I’ve asked AJ to weigh on on this, he’s our strength guru.



    Hi Marius,

    Pure strength and muscle conditioning (if we are referring to endurance) are at opposite ends of the spectrum. While you certainly can improve both there is some interference. We could say that your tri training is sufficient for conditioning. If you want to put on more strength then the off-season plan is perfect. If you feel it did not give you the response you were looking for then you need to modify the sets, reps, resistance, and/or tempo. For pure strength training sets should be 6-8 per muscle group, with a resistance of around 75-80%, and 4-8 reps per set. Keep a tempo to where the last set feels challenging but not to failure. The exercises themselves are ideal for what you want to do.


    Marius T

    Thank you both for your kind help.

    Indeed, I want to rise my strength level so I will modify accordingly the plan:
    – 6-8 sets at 4-8 reps @ 75-80% for main exercises

    split squat, goblet squat (I will do Zerker for added weight), deadlift,
    single leg deadlift, rows, presses

    -for core and stability exercises, I will keep the sets and reps as prescribed in the plan

    Thank you again, I will report after next 6 weeks


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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