Olympic or 70.3?

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    Hi David and Matt,

    My wife and I just completed the Triathlon L2 Maintenance plan during Covid lockdown and had the last week off. We run a half marathon pretty much every month last year and had some Duathlons later that year too; plus a couple of Sprint Triathlons Feb and Mar this year until everything was cancelled.

    She got into Triathlons early this year racing a couple of Super Sprint ones. I’ve done a number of Sprint and Olympic races but the last Olympic was several year ago. Coming back to it now that I have a 3-disciplines-partner (she didn’t want to swim for years… but now she loves it). We run and ride lots together.

    Our goal is to enjoy racing some Sprints and many Olympic Triathlons in order to get good experience in these distances (mainly Oly); so that to jump to 70.3 (we have our eyes on IM70.3 Taupo March 2021) and then have fun between Oly and 70.3 distances for a while, and then try the full IM.

    The season is starting again here in New Zealand with events happening in July (1x Duathlon), August (3x Duathlons); Sep empty; then Sprint and Olympic Triathlons Oct & Nov; and Olympic and half distances in Dec to Mar (when IM70.3 Taupo is scheduled). Looks like a long season and a bit scattered?

    We’re starting a new plan this week and that long story is to ask the following,
    Knowing that our mid-term goal is 70.3 (with the Sprint and Olympic races in between), would a 70.3 L2 plan cover this scenario, or better to go for the Oly L2 plan first, and then for the 70.3 one when it’s the time?

    We don’t want to force the process, and not now that my wife enjoys triathlons as much as I do.

    Also, do we need to get a plan for each, or it is possible to share the plan between our TP accounts, or you guys have a “family” bundle?

    Thanks for putting all this information together for the world. Your work makes better and happier athletes every day.

    Much appreciated!
    Isabel and Jose

    David Warden

    Isabel and Jose,

    First, what a delight it is to hear about the two of you enjoying this sport together.

    There are very few cases where I’d recommend an athlete pick a plan beyond the distance of their next A race. I recommend that you go with the Oly plan first until you have a confirmed 70.3 date. However, this also depends on the separation between the last Oly event before the 70.3 event. If there are 10 or more weeks between your Oly and the 70.3, then use the Oly plan and switch to the 70.3 after the Oly. If there are 9 or less weeks between the two, use the 70.3 plan with an end date of the 70.3 and the Oly becomes a training day as part of your 70.3.

    Regarding the family bundle, we don’t have one but (magic wand sound) I just made a family bundle as CEO of the company. If you buy one plan, I’ll get you the second of the same distance for free. Just ping me here or at david@8020endurance.com after the first purchase.



    Hi Matt,
    Apologies for the delayed reply. I caught a nasty cold and I´ve been out of action recovering properly for the last few days… The yearly cold.

    Re Oly or 70.3, that makes total sense! Thank you for the explanation. We´ll follow it.
    Re Family bundle, Wow! That sounds great!!! Many, many thanks. I´ll purchase it and email you.

    Any other questions, we´ll be in touch.

    Have a great time.

    Isabel & Jose

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