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    Hi David/ Matt

    My question is what are the phases of the level 2 marathon plan, I have tried to look through your website and could not find any references. I’m currently on this plan week-9 and feel I’m getting not getting any faster or even going backwards from week 1 which I’m putting down to the phase that I’m in because I had good endurance to start with because I came off a 1/2 marathon in February then a small recovery gap.

    Your help would be appreciated greatly


    David Warden


    Week 1-9 are General and 10-18 is Race Specific. You should see a workout card at the beginning of each week that describes the phase and goals, see from the Marathon Level 2 plan. But…

    …it look. like we loaded your plan before we made that particular improvement, so you don’t see those weekly summary cards yet.

    Even with you being in the General phase, I would not expect you to get too much slower. Check out to compare your 3-month peak speed with your 6-month. Yes, you are slower than you were 6 months ago, but barely.

    Your zones look correct, I reviewed your data and agree with your current threshold pace.

    I also looked at plan adherence, you are right where you should be in terms of sticking with the plan.

    Normally, this is an easy post for me, I can either point to wrong zones, not following the plan, or the athlete is faster than they though but none of those apply here.

    So, I say stick with the plan. You should absolutely see improvement by Week 14. If not, report back here. However, that’s just 4 weeks before the marathon! By then it’s too late to change. So, it will take some faith in the plan, as now is the time to commit or make a major change to a different plan. I have faith in our plans and don’t believe you’ll regret sticking with it.



    Hi David, Thanks again. Yes, I have 100% confidence in the plans it has served me well in the past 2 years. Should we update the modified plan into training peaks then? Where there any other changes to the marathon level 2 plan? I did have Covid at the start of the year and feel like it still has a small effect.

    David Warden

    Craig, I think we should keep you on the same edition of the current plan. We don’t keep a change log of changes from version to version, and I worry that there may be a disconnect between the two plans.

    Certainly, the most recent version is marginally “better” than the one you have now, but it’s sort of like switching colors halfway through painting a house. Even if you like the second color better, best to finish with what you have.


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