Plan adjustment for vacation or unplanned occurrences

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    Hello out there!

    I am having another question and hope for some help. As already mentioned in the topic title, it’s about vacation or unplanned occurrences during a training period or better while in the middle of a training plan.
    I am still planning my race & vacation year, and as you know, the situation is still somewhat difficult and more flexibility is required to make things work.
    Here now my situation – maybe other:
    I’m currently in week 9 of the 70.3 Level 3 plan.
    I plan a B-race in week 14, a half marathon (unfortunately virtual).
    My IM70.3 is on 6/27 – so far so good.
    The week after the 70.3 I will try to recover as fast as possible, no running and only some swimming and recovery rides:
    Monday CRe1, Tuesday Rest, Wednesday SF3, Thursday CRe1, Friday Rest, Saturday CFF4, Sunday Strength.
    As of the following Monday, I will be dive in the 70.3 Level 3 plan again and will start at week 9.
    The race, another 70.3 is planned for October 2nd.

    Now my question: I’m planning a shortened week of vacation which will be the week of 8/23 or better training plan week 16. I will be unable to bring my bike. As I leave on a Sunday, which is my rest day anyways and will return Friday, I will only have 5 days affected, not the brick scheduled for the end of the week.
    Should I simply replace some of the biking with running? To make is easier to visualize, here the schedule for this specific week:
    Sunday: Rest & travel to vacation
    Monday: CF10 & RCI3 Brick – can’t do CF10/Brick
    Tuesday: SCI5 & CRe13 – can’t do CRe13, should I do a RRe9 instead?
    Wednesday:RAe6 & Strength (will either skip strength or do a limited one)
    Thursday: SF5 & CCI15 – can’t do CCI15, should I do a run instead?
    Friday: ST6 & RR34 & travel back home
    Saturday: CAe8 & RAe1 Brick – ok, will be back home
    Sunday: Rest and Strength


    Matt Fitzgerald

    I would move Monday’s CF10 up to Sunday (assuming you have time for it before you leave). I’d also move Thursday’s CCI15 back to Sunday. RRe9 in place of Tuesday’s CRe13 sounds good.

    Actually, I don’t follow training plans at all so what I really do in these situations is heavy up on the discipline I can’t do while traveling immediately before I leave and immediately after I return. That’s the general principle I apply and recommend.

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