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    I’ve noticed that in the plan overviews on Training Peaks, most (maybe all) running plans say “Before beginning this plan you should be running x days a week for up to x minutes” For example, “4 days a week up to 45 minutes.”

    I’m wondering what the “up to” means. For my example would that mean that each of the 4 runs a week should be 45 mins? Or at least one of the runs should be 45 mins? Or something else entirely?

    Looking at the plan I can get a pretty good sense of what level will work for me, but since that information is there, I’d love to use it to help me dial in the correct level.


    Some descriptions can provide a bit more guidance. My 5k Level III plan suggest that some higher intensities be included in your current training efforts.

    I personally like to load my training plans a couple of weeks in advance of the start date in order to do a couple of the workouts and get some reassurance I am not wasting effort with a plan I cannot complete.

    Today I completed the first microcycle for the Level III Master 5K plan. I knew I was entering the plan with very little recent III & above running intensities, and I struggled. In terms of volume, I was good and although I was not happy with my Zone IV & V efforts I am confident I will hit them in the subsequent cycles. I trust the periodization, but I was really uncomfortable being uncomfortable.

    In terms of numbers my CTL jumped 5 points; about my limit…

    So… It is really something that depends on experience and attitude.

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi pdub49.

    The before using this plan advice in that instance is running for times a week with at least one of the runs up to 45mins. This just ensure that you are staring a plan with a base of fitness so that there isn’t a large jump in volume in the first few weeks.

    Coach Leyla

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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