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    I’m after advice on how best to use plans for 2 goals over next 12 months.
    70.3 Nov 2023 (35 weeks from now) then 140.6 March 2024 (16 weeks later)
    Would like to do a decent time for the 70.3 but main aim for the full is completion.
    Thinking of a 70.3 plan to finish on 70.3 race day, then have a slower week after to recover, then an IM plan to finish on 140.6 race day and jump into it at the “15 weeks left” point but not sure if that’s the best option.
    Will be age 51, used to be a swimmer so need most work on bike and run. Did my first 70.3 in Dec 2022 sub 6 hrs on the back of a basic 16 week plan.
    What should I do leading up to start of the 70.3 plan – the maintenance plan to build base?
    Many thanks – Charlie

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi NZ,
    Your approach is exactly what I would have recommended. You will have a good amount of fitness from the 70.3, to finish that, take a rest weeks, a base training week and then start the last 14 weeks of the Ironman plan.

    Before the 70.3 plan commences you could do the maintenance plan with a focus on strength and any technique limiters, you could do a sinlge sport focus plan, such as an FTP builder, or swim strong program, with 2-3 other sport foundational sessions build it. What you do before can really depend on where your fitness is and things you would like to work on before your formal plan begins.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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