Power issues with FTP test on bike

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    Hey there,

    I was due for a CT31 and read the documentation on Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon. It all makes sense but I wasn’t confident that my power numbers were accurate ( previous FTP test numbers were inconsistent ) so decided to do a FTP Ramp test instead of the normal 20 minute FTP or the “backing in” method with Heart Rate. The results have again confused me; ( tested with two power sources )

    Zwift ( using smart trainer power ) gave a 1 minute peak of 346 and FTP of 262 ( 75% of 1 minute power )

    Garmin watch ( using Assioma Uno single sided power meter ) gave a 1 minute peak of 287 and FTP of 245 ( automatic setting, not sure how its worked out ). If I use the same method as Zwift, the FTP would be 215.

    So I’ve got 262, 245 or 215.

    Clearly something not right here. Any help or insights would be appreciated.



    Couple of thoughts about your test. First, power meters are not perfect. 17 watts (~9%) is a little too big difference, but your second meter is single pedal based and you may have imbalance between legs. Also, did you try to calibrate both power meters and do the test again?


    Thanks for your suggestions. Both power meters were calibrated. The results have been consistently inconsistent so I’m putting it down to leg imbalance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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