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    What kind of equipment is recommended for running using the power metric? Also, will I need to look at upgrading my Forerunner 235? Or is there something that will work with it?



    I don’t know about the forerunner 235 but can recommend Stryd for running with power. I can only recommend to check the Stryd website to find out if the 235 is compatible with the Stryd foot pod. What I really like about the Stryd is the fact that the distance it reports is very accurate and great to have on the treadmill.
    There are also other options (Garmin HR strap, Coros watches and Polar watches) that can be used to run with power. Corors and Polar have a built in power meter.

    Hope that helps.



    I have a Stryd Footpod and the Garmin 235. They work together. The 235 is considered one of their low memory watches, so there are some limitations. If you’re just doing a regular open ended run, it’s no problem. If you’re doing a scheduled workout with a certain distance or duration, it’s fine. But if it’s a more complex interval workout, lap power tends not to reset with each split. However, if you did an interval workout and you did the laps manually, lap power would reset properly. It’s weird in that way.

    So depending on what you need it for, Stryd may be just fine with the 235. If it’s not, the next steps up in the Garmin family would be the 245 and the 55. And, as was mentioned, it works really well with the Coros (check out the Pace 2).


    Thank you all for the information. Alan, I am currently using the HM Level 2 pace plan. I think it would be ok with that (although I would not switch to power until I’m done with this plan). The only workouts that I’d be concerned about would be the ones like the Progression Intervals Run which can have up to 50 steps in the workout. My watch is constantly beeping. 🙂 Thank you for the suggestions in case I do need to upgrade my 235. After my Rock n Roll HM the first weekend of December, I am wanting to try out the power metric and see how that goes.

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