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    I have a power/power/pace plan for cycling/running/swimming.

    The last couple of cycling workouts of pulled in target power that don’t match the description of the workout.

    My power zones in Training Peaks for running and cycling appear to be correct.

    Today, my cycling workout was supposed to be Z1 for warmup, then a long Z2 segment.

    In training peaks, when I scroll down to “workout details”, the warm up segment is Z1-Z2 and the long segment is Z2-Z3. The zones also don’t match my 8020 zones that I have entered into Training Peaks.

    Are the workout details correct or is there some setting that I need to change?

    FYI, the running power workouts still work fine.

    David Warden


    Thanks for using our plans, and thanks for taking the time to post on our forums.

    This issue is resolved by following the instructions in our document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan specifically the section to not use Default zones, but to set up specific Swim, Bike and Run zones. The image you sent me by e-mail confirms you are still using Default zones. From the document:

    Be sure that you don’t only update the TrainingPeaks Default zones at the top of each section, as Default zones aren’t used by your Workout Details, nor pass custom data to your device. You must update the specific Swim, Bike, and Run zones that you will be using in your plan by clicking on the “Add Activity” button and specifying zones for each individual (not Default) sport and intensity type. For example, your zones must include a “Run Heart Rate” not just “Default Heart Rate” listed at the top left of the zone setup.

    Additionally, after you setup specific zones, you may have to also follow the instructions in the Q&A to force your zones to sync back to Garmin Connect (if you are using a Garmin device)

    Q: My thresholds recently changed, and I updated my 80/20 zones in TrainingPeaks using the instructions in this document. The workouts on my device still display the old zones. Why?

    A: Depending on the device, TrainingPeaks will sync up to several weeks of workouts at a time to Garmin Connect, Zwift, or Wahoo. Those workouts contain your custom 80/20 zones at the time the sync took place. Updating zones in TrainingPeaks does not trigger a new sync, so the old zones remain on your device. To force a new sync, the workouts must be removed and re-added using one of the following methods:

    – Use the Shift feature in the TrainingPeaks calendar (click on the triple horizontal lines found by hovering over a given day or week in the calendar and choose Shift) and shift your plan from today forward by one week. Wait for that change to reflect in the 3rd party calendar, then shift the workouts back to their original dates in TrainingPeaks.

    – Cut a given workout(s) off of the calendar, wait for that change to reflect in the 3rd party calendar, then paste the workouts back to their original dates in TrainingPeaks.

    – Unapply the entire plan in TrainingPeaks, wait for that change to reflect in the 3rd party calendar, then reapply the entire plan.

    These actions lead TrainingPeaks to consider the affected workouts to be “new” workouts and force a re-sync to the 3rd party, which then sends your updated zones to your device.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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