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    I am currently training to the 10K Level 0 plan. Looking ahead to the 5K Pace Intervals and 10K Pace Intervals workouts, I am a bit concerned that the total distance and duration of these seems to be a significant jump in difficulty from everything else.

    Given my current threshold pace of ~10 min/mi, those fixed-distance runs end up longer and further than even the Endurance Runs. The longest Endurance Run in the plan will be 75 min and just over 6 mi, while the 10K Pace Intervals just a couple days later will be 85 min and 8 mi.

    I am tempted to drop a couple intervals from both the 5K and 10K Pace Intervals workouts to bring the difficulty more in line with the rest of the plan. Is that a good idea? Should I just stick it out?


    I brought this same issue up in the past. The option I was offered by Leyla was to adjust the warm up an cooldown more like the other runs and I recommend that over eliminating intervals.

    Do a 5 min zone 1 warm up and a 5-10 min zone 2 warm up consistent with your other workouts.. End the workout with a matching zone 1 cool down as you would with others. If you did 5+5 warm up, do a 10 min zone 1 cool down for example.

    I hope that helps.

    Gerald Collins
    80/20 Endurance Certified Coach.


    That’s really helpful, thank you!

    Switching the Warm Up and Cool Down to 5~10 mins duration makes a huge difference for a slow runner.

    Leyla Porteous

    Hey Raptor,
    Yes if your average pace is making that session longer than your longest endurance run then reducing the number of intervals down to 6 instead of 8 will still provide a good race specific workout without overdoing things (reducing the workout by about 13 mins). If you want the challenge of the 8 intervals, drop the warm up and cool down to 1 mile each instead of 2km (that will reduce the distance by half a mile only though).

    Hope that’s helpful,

    Coach Leyla

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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