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    I have had an injury to my IT band from running and was advised to stay off it. I can cycle and swim still without any pain whatsoever, it is only during the run. I am on the maintenance plan at the moment before going to a level 1 Ironman plan on the 28th of June and I would like it fixed before then so i can ramp up the volume accordingly to avoid further injury.

    The question I have is, is it ok to supplement the run legs in the plan with cycling or swimming either at the same intensity as described on the runs or at a zone 1/2 or should I be completing the time walking (which has no discomfort whatsoever)



    Cycling and swimming make for a great alternative when recovering from an injury. I used cycling myself when recovering from an injury in early 2020. Another alternative is an elliptical as long as it doesn’t cause any pain.

    Best of luck on your recovery

    Gerald Collins
    Team 8020

    David Warden


    Just want to reinforce Gerald’s recommendation of elliptical as the primary method for you to maintain your run fitness.

    Whether you use elliptical or cycle, the workout is executed as written for the run, but on the run-alternate exercise. You probably have different cycling and elliptical “zones” than your run zones, so you’ll use those zones instead of your run zones when performing them on the bike or elliptical.




    Thank you for the help its much appreciated.Will have to join the dreaded gym 🙁 haha

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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