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    I am starting a triathlon maintenance plan in a few weeks, using it to build a base before beginning a race plan. The maintenance plan has 3 workouts per discipline each week, but I don’t think I’m ready for the 3 bikes and runs yet. If I can only do 2 of each of these a week to start, are there types of workouts I should prioritize? For example, which of the 3 bike workouts in week 1 (CF9, CCI1, CFo22) should I focus on? Thanks!


    Hi Sunday,
    If you are dropping down to 2 runs and 2 bikes per week which ones you keep and drop can really depend on where you are with your fitness, what your formal race plan is, and which areas of fitness could use some extra work. you will always want to keep one easy session (CF9) and then the other session should be something you want to work on before you move back into your formal plan. If you want to work on your bike strength for instance, then CF022 would be a good option, want to work on your threshold, then cruise intervals will give you that stimulus. You will use the same approach for your run sessions. Base training is a good chance to build consistency and prepare for the race specific work to come.


    I have a similar question. I plan to do the 70.3 Level 0 plan, but realistically I will only get 4 or many weeks 3 workouts in a week. Can I just extend the plan out over 26 weeks (assuming 18 weeks x 5 workouts a week = 90 workouts, 90 / 3.5 assuming 3-4 workouts a week) or should I just rotate which workouts I skip each week and stick the schedule? Thank you.


    @starr2921 I would not spread out the workouts to extend the plan but instead focus on getting at least 80% of the workouts planned each week. The Level 0 plan is about the bare minimum to prepare your body for the duration and distance of an IM 70.3.

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