(Re)establishing running threashold (and zones) from bike FTP test

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    Hi everyone, I’m guessing this has probably been asked lots of times before but I’m 5 weeks into a 70.3 level 2 plan and everything is going well.. but next week I have a ‘rest/lower intensity’ week and I have two workouts where the notes say ‘use this workout to reestablish zones’. Bike is easy right?.. just do an FTP test.. but I dont really have time to go to the lab again to have lactate taken while doing a ramp test on the treadmill (plus an ftp and running ramp test the same week..not nice). So my question is can I just do a bike ftp with a HR strap on and use the FTP result to see my HR at my lactate threashold? OR.. is riding and running different? I’m guessing they are right? Nothing is ever that easy. Thanks for any insight you might have. John


    The recommendation for testing zones is there if you feel that your zones have changed. You do not need to test your zones each transition week = it is merely a suggestion. I also suggest testing with the least impactful test. Such as talk test for your run, rather than doing a full extensive test as you mention.
    Here is our resource on your testing options if you feel your zones need adjustment. Run and bike have different impacts on your LTHR so you can’t use the result from one and apply to the other. https://www.8020endurance.com/intensity-guidelines-for-8020-triathlon/


    Good question. To tack onto the question…if we chose not to retest do you recommend still doing the workout as written with the times in the zones or can we substitute with a different workout?


    Stick with the plan if not testing.

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