Remove one week from Level 1 half marathon Masters

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    Hi!  It turns out my half marathon is a week earlier than I’d thought, so I’d like to shorten “Level 1 half marathon Masters” by one week.  I’m on week 3, and I’d like to keep it intact through the end of microcycle 5 if I can due to a 10k goal and some travelling that’ll make training more difficult, though I could tighten it up before that if needed.  What do you recommend? (I’m also doing the associated strength training — suggestions there too?)




    I think maybe I’ll try to tighten the program by seven days by removing one Foundation run in seven of the upcoming 9-day microcycles in my Master’s HM program.  Does that seem reasonable?  I guess I’d ideally knock down a bit of the higher intensity stuff to keep it 80/20 but not sure how to best do that — decrease the interval reps by 1 on speed days maybe?  My endurance level is pretty good (I did an imperial century bike ride last month) so I think I can afford to lose base building if need be and I’m not too injury prone.  Thoughts welcome.


    Are you using the pace or the HR plan for your half marathon?


    Coach Anne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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