Restarting marathon plan at week 1 (or repeating week 6)

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    I’m due to start the Level 2 plan from the 80/20 (Running) book on Monday.

    The thing is, I started following the plan 6 weeks ago (to try out 8020 running, to try out this plan, and to tide me over until the official start date for the plan). In hindsight, I guess I’d have been better following a maintenance plan!

    Now that I’m about to finish week 6, my question is what should I do next week, to put me in the best position for the marathon in 18 weeks time?

    I figure the three options are:
    – restart the plan from week 1
    – repeat week 6 for the next 6 weeks, then follow the plan from week 7
    – restart the plan from week 1 (but maybe keep the long runs at 10-12 miles to keep up the mileage?)

    Would really appreciate any thoughts/advice.


    If it were me, I’d restart from week 1 yo give my body a down period and rebuild. It would be an off season of sorts.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    If you have handled the Week 6 training load comfortably, I would keep the training load at about that level for the next 6 weeks but mix in different types of workouts to keep your fitness well-rounded and stave off boredom. We have lots of options to choose from in our workout library.


    Thanks for the feedback both.

    P.S. Really enjoyed the book Matt – mainly hoping that 80/20 can stave off injuries, though have a competitive mindset too, so also hoping very much for performance gains. I’m only 6-7 weeks in so far, but already feel a lot better than I normally do during training (despite the slightly increased miles).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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