RF (CF) vs RA(CA)

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    Going to touch on a couple different things here.

    First, at the point in my Oly Tri plan where I ran into the RA/CA aerobic interval workouts. Just taking the RAe6 as an example, during the main 80 minutes, how are the gains different between sequencing between Z2 and Z1 as opposed to the straight 80 min. Z2 of say an RF12. What do we get from the 5 minute periods of Z1.

    Second, in the TP description of the workout it says to do the Z2 interval “at the expected intensity of the athlete’s next race.” The intensity of my last HIM run was solidly in Z3 based on my latest FTP. Just wanting to make sure I do these workouts correctly.

    David Warden


    Don’t perform the Zone 2 section of the RAe6 in Zone 3. The RAe series was designed for 70.3 and IM training, and only appears once in the Oly plans to get in some aerobic interval work. Those instructions are default instructions for that workout which do not apply to the Oly plan, and I’ll edit them now in the Oly plans.

    Perform the RAe6 Zone 2 intervals at no higher than Zone 2 in your Oly plan.

    Regarding the Zone 1 to 2 segments, you should still consider upper Zone 2 for these intervals, which at 4×15 minutes is not terribly hard, but not too easy to do consistently. Those Zone 1 recoveries ensure you can maintain a stable set of 4×15 intervals.



    Thanks for the explanation

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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