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    Hey Team,

    SO i am neck deep in planning my next plan for my next race. I have laid out the perfect week of training. the problem i am encountering is weather to drop the sessions i will miss for work or to reconfigure the week to inlcude all of the sessions?

    Remembering that the body doesn’t diffienciant stress weather it is from work or from training,

    What;s your thoughts?

    For example i am supposed to train on this day
    AM swim
    MID strength
    PM Paddle

    I have to work 8-6 (more like 7) so unable to train after work. Should I try and squeeze this in during other parrts of my week or leave them out?

    Same with a Wednesday for example
    I usually have the AM off to sleep in and adapt. I work at 8am and have time for a session planned on that day early in the morning. Should we do this? leave it as a adaptation day?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    If your plan requires you to routinely skip or move workouts, it’s not a good plan. Ask yourself how many training sessions you can realistically get done EVERY week and create a new plan that contains that number of sessions per week.



    Okay back to the drawing board. My work roster rotates so I have to look at each week as an individual week. Then build that way.

    This is so tricky.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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