Run Pace vs. Run HR Tri Plan

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    I have both the run pace and run heart plans downloaded in training peaks to use on interval days versus aerobic long zone 1 days. Why does the pace plan show different levels than the heart plan. For example, I have a worked that has 2:30 hard repeats with 5:00 zone 1 rest… the pace plan says this hard intervals should be in zone 4 whereas as the HR plan says they should be between zone y and zone 4. Why is that?

    Also is a one mile for time a good test to do to determine threshold pace?

    David Warden


    The most likely reason is because your Pave zones have not been setup as 80/20 zones. The most common issue is that you’ve not defined specific Run zones, but are relying on Default zones. See for details.

    If you still have the issue, connect your account to me at and I’ll take a look.

    We do include a Mile test for calculating zones at but it is not as accurate as the full 20-minutes test. If you are going to run the mile test, might as well do the full 20.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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