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    Like several other commenters here, I find trying to track run pace during Z2 runs quite tedious.

    Due to issues with my Garmin watch, I switched to setting my laps to 1/2 mile and basically run by perceived effort checking that with my average pace every 1/2 mile.

    I tend to run my Z2 runs at the upper end of Z2 (typically shoot for around 9:45 with a 9:34 upper Z2 limit). This means that at times I will catch myself drifting into ZX during each 1/2 mile but generally am pretty good about keeping my average 1/2 mile pace in Z2.

    Curious your thoughts on this approach.

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    I don’t think it is uncommon that athletes tend to run too fast. I also think it could be an issue but I would not expect that someone constantly and easily runs in zone x. What was the last time you ran a rThreshold test?
    Personally, I run most of my zone 1 & 2 by feeling and RPE and find that I have days where I am in Zone upper Zone 1 despite the workout calls for Zone 2 and also have days where I am in the upper part of Zone 2.
    Make sure you test frequently enough as I would assume that you are still improving and your threshold pace can have increased…



    @Winoria – Did an FTP recently. My zones are pretty correct.

    My thoughts were simply from a comment Matt made about cycling power:

    “Moment-to-moment power is all that matters from an execution standpoint. Normalized power is a more accurate representation of training stress than average power.”

    Was just curious how this relates to what I find happening in my runs and rather I need to be more attentive to ‘moment-to-moment’ pace than I have been recently.

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