Run TSS (too high?)

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    Curry Gallagher

    Most of my runs on my plan have been just above the anticipated tss (which i realize is an estimate). But my last few runs have been a lot higher, at least I think.

    I’ve been running towards the top end of the prescribed zones for portions of those runs (most run time being in zone 2), but not every mile/half mile and i really didnt think it would cause the tss to be so much higher.

    The last 4 run tss look like this:

    64 – 82
    109 – 131
    75 – 113 (LTHR run)
    85 – 104

    Should i spend more time at the lower end of the zone(s), especially zone 2?


    Training peaks assumes 75% zone penetration (iirc) so it’s not unusual for you to exceed it if you are bumping against the top end of the zone.

    Probably more important to check your time in each zones, and if that’s right then it just means you’re smashing it 🙂
    (and maybe could do with a retest/refresh of your zones)

    David Warden

    Martin is correct on how TP predicts TSS, that’s for Pace. For HR, there is a bug that makes predicted TSS completely off.

    Be sure to read my article Understanding and Adjusting Your Performance Management Chart which covers this bug and several other considerations.

    My opinion is ignore predicted TSS altogether. However, is you properly manage your PMC, then actual TSS is a valuable tool.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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