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    I have an athlete, that every time they do the short sprint session
    the HR is lower on the sprinting part than when they try to stay in zone 2 for the long run.

    Could be that they a) don’t push themselves. b) a fault with HRM or something else?

    Has anyone else experienced something similar?


    It might be because the HR is lagging (delay) on short sprints and might not register in that time frame.


    Is there a jump in the heart rate after the interval is over

    David Warden

    This is somewhat addressed in our Getting Started document, the relevant section below. It’s not exactly what you describe, but the take-home is the same: don’t use HR for high intensity intervals, use Pace or Power.

    Q: With high-intensity short Zone 4 and 5 intervals, my heart rate can’t “catch up”.

    A: This is addressed in our documents Understanding Your 80/20 Run Plan and Understanding Your 80/20 Triathlon Plan. Because HR is a lagging indicator, Pace and Power are more reliable methods at high intensities. Absent Pace and Power, RPE should be used for Zone 4 and 5. This issue can also be resolved by using the 80/20 Run and Bike Zones Garmin App, where you can have both real-time HR and your custom 80/20 Pace or Power zones displayed on your device at the same time.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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