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    I am just starting the 80/20 marathon program and was wondering if anyone had a good watch suggestion that will accept TrainingPeaks and account for the HR zone changes within each workout.

    I currently have a Samsung active but I could not find an app (such as Map My Run) that would accept the imported data. I see that Garmin is recommended in the TrainingPeaks FAQ but wasn’t sure if all Garmin products would adjust HR zones during the actual run. Looking for suggestions.


    David Warden


    Garmin is certainly the dominant and preferred device of TrainingPeaks. There are many other devices that athletes enjoy, but the capability between 80/20, TP, and Garmin is pretty slick.

    If you have a device that accepts the TP structured workouts (like Garmin) then yes, when the workout is synced to your device (either manually or automatically) your custom zones are also delivered to that device.

    If you are a triathlete, the Garmin 735xt is a solid, all-around watch. If you are a runner only, the 935 or 945 are great options.



    Hi Chrisaj22,

    I’ve been using the Garmin 935 for a year now and did the HR Half Marathon 80/20 with TP and it went faultlessly. I definitely would recommend the 935 but saying that I would get the 945 as my next watch but wasn’t around a year ago.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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