Setting cycling FTP based on real ride data.

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    Yesterday I rode outside for a couple of hours and after I uploaded my data TrainingPeaks recommended a new FTP.

    I set a new record for both 20 minute power and 1 hour power. VI for the ride was 1.33 so this wasn’t a steady effort, I was just out blasting around having fun

    Should I use 95% of the 20 minute time or just use the 1 hour time to recalibrate my zones? Or should I use 95% of the 20 minute / 1 hour NP?.


    David Warden


    Congratulations! First, it’s not possible to set a true 20-minute and 60-minute peak within the same ride. I mean, yes, you technically did it, but if you would have gone all out for 20 minutes, your 60-minute would have been destroyed. Likewise, if you paced for 60 minutes, your 20-minute is under-represented.

    So, I would actually use 105% of your peak 60, as the 20-minute is not valid, but the 60 probably is close to being valid and I’m adjusting your 60 to what a peak 30 would probably be. In other words, FTP =

    100% of 30
    95% of 20
    105% of 60


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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