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    I recently started with the 80/20 Endurance workouts and I am currently following the Level 0 70.3k triathlon plan. I used to have a coach the last couple of years, but due to my imbalance in my work, private and sport triangle I often had to divert from my plans.

    With the problem still being present, I’m not getting in a steady flow of repetitive training weeks where the exercises fall on the same day. This results in shifting the workouts throughout the week, so I can fit it in my personal schedule.

    I am wondering whether this has a negative influence on the plan itself and what the do’s and don’ts are when shifting. I try to keep the workouts with higher intensities (especially cycling and running) separated from each other and try not to run two days in a row (if possible). This because my knees are prone to injuries.

    Hope to get some tips/tricks here from fellow triathletes and how you deal with these kind of struggles.


    Leyla Porteous


    Training for long course triathlon, and managing work and life stuff can be tricky and it’s very common for athletes to have to move workouts around to accommodate.

    Having a consistent schedule can be really helpful for consistency, the next best things is just getting training in when you can. There are a few things to remember when moving workouts around to ensure you can maintain that consistency and they all have to do with appropriate recovery between sessions.

    * make sure you don’t crowd too many workout into 1 day, or too close together (ie doing both sessions for a day back to back – reduce the volume of one of them if you are going to do this)
    * avoid doing back to back moderate/high intensity or long sessions. It’s always good to have a rest day or an easy day after your longest training day (bike/brick), and to not run on back to back days (other than a short brick run).

    Hope that is helpful.

    Coach Leyla

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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