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    Hi, really struggling with burning feet and blisters at the moment. Especially when running faster paces. My feet are short, but wide. I wear Saucony – Triumph, Kinvara and A9. Gait analysis says neutral.

    Any advice would be appreciated: suggestions for different shoes to try? Anything else that might help?



    I am a fairly novice runner but have arthritis in my toes, bunions and orthotics, so shoes are an interest of mine!

    I had blisters when upping my pace – changing my sock make (from a TwinSkin to a Marathon Fresh) sorted that for me.

    I also had a massive blister on the ball of my foot last year and tried to run through it – it never healed. I had to rest up for a week or so and then use those special colloid blister plasters with an extra layer of tape to keep them on – did that for quite a few weeks.

    I assume you have been to a shoe shop where they vide you running to do the gate analysis.

    Hoka come up too narrow for me (even in the wide fitting), but they have a great returns policy (in the UK) where you can use your shoes for a month and then send them back (only if bought direct from Hoka). You can do this for 2 or 4 pairs a year (I forget which – check the web site). So you could try some of theirs fairly risk free.

    Last thought – if all else fails – find a podiatrist who specialises in running – your feet or running mechanics may have changed.

    Hope that helps.


    I favor the same shoes you mention here and had some of the same problems. I have a normal width, so you may be seeing some problems if you have a wider foot.

    I got away from the Triumph, the drop was a bit too much for me. I have three Kinvara shoes, in one shoe I swapped out the everrun for with a superfeet insert for a bit more arch support, the others have the original insert although I occasionally use a shoe cue in one of the other shoes. Changing out shoes helps to avoid overworking any one hot spot.

    I swap out the Saucony for HOKA Clifton or Carbon X for my longer runs, Light with a lot of cushion and good but not great response. Both have a somewhat wider toe box than Saucony, so you have more room for the toes to spread which may help. I will take the Carbon X into my next race.

    Switching shoes helps avoid the hot spots. I always apply a moisturizer to my feet before a run and that helps. Also, it’s a good idea to have a pumice stone to remove any calluses early to avoid any deep blisters.


    If you want to try a wider toe box, also look at the Books Adrenaline GTS. There should be some GTS 21 pairs around at reduced prices.

    Also look up some alternate lacing patterns that might reduce pressure where you are getting the pain eg

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