Shortening or Combining Training Plans

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    I recently purchased a Gold Subscription and started a 21-week 70.3 triathlon plan this week but only have 16 weeks until my spring A race. I was planning on doing the General Phase (about 10 weeks) and then cutting short the Race Specific Phase so the Taper lines up with my race week. My questions:

    – Does my plan seem sound?
    – How do I adjust my plan this way?

    I’ll also mention I have an olympic distance race 21 weeks from now, so the 21-week plan actually lines up with that race. But I’m also doing an Ironman in 40 weeks (my fall A race). I’m considering three training approaches (ordered by best to worst in my opinion):

    – Ignore the olympic and train through it, since it’s not an A race. Also, at that point in time I will have started a 21-week Ironman training plan.
    – Stick with the 21-week 70.3 plan, as it lines up with the olypmic distance race and do a taper week before the 70.3 on week 16. The olympic distance race is not a standard distance (Escape from Alcatraz, 1.5 mile swim / 18 mile bike / 8 mile run), so I could benefit from the 70.3 training plan for the swim and run. I also would be maintaining volume for the fall Ironman but I’d start the Ironman plan a little late.
    – Shorten the 70.3 plan as proposed above (16 weeks) and do the last 5 weeks of an olympic distance plan.

    Lastly, my background: 2 years of triathlon/running, 2 70.3s (4:55 PR), 3 olympics, 1 half marathon (1:19), 1 marathon (2:52), trained for an Ironman but got sick 10 days before the race, so DNSed (was aiming for 10:30).

    Thanks in advance!

    Leyla Porteous

    Shoot us a note directly to our help desk – – this will let us actually take a look at your plan level and current fitness to give you the best advice on your approach and be able to see all these dates on your calendar to provide better advice on plans


    Thanks, Leyla. I’ve sent my question to that email address.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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