Should I switch to using power (Stryd pod)?

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    I started running in December and have been following a level 0 marathon plan to a T. I couldn‘t run and stay inside Z1 and had to run very slowly to stay inside Z2 in the beginning. I am now in week 9 and according to TrainingPeaks I usually match the expected output pretty well. I also feel great, especially considering that I was 4 months postpartum when I started the plan. Last week I had a 1hr45min run and did 14km and felt good afterwards. I love the improvements and my HR has gone down dramatically. I can now easily stay within my zones (with the exception of Z1 but as I understand it it‘s not a big deal if I run at a low Z2 instead).

    I train using HR but I have read time and again that you‘re actually not a big proponent of doing that. I recently had the opportunity to test a Stryd pod for four weeks and since I am a fan of metrics I jumped at the chance. So now I have parallel data logs, the data from my Garmin watch (which is not fully compatible with Stryd) and the data from the pod.
    Stryd records my paces as a bit faster and tells me, after a couple of runs, that my critical power is 201W. I have no idea whether that‘s „good“.

    I read that I can request my training plan to be switched to guided by power rather than heartrate. I guess my question is: at my super low level (longer runs are usually around 12min/mile, faster runs around 10:30min/mile), does it make sense to use the Stryd pod or is it just silly? Should I just run for a couple of months first and use it once I am a bit better at it?
    I would be willing to invest in a compatible watch if it did make sense.

    Cheers, and thanks for the great training plan – I have tried to “become a runner” many times in the past and I feel like I’ve finally “broken the code” this time.


    P.s. English is not my first language, sorry if I used the wrong terminology on anything!

    David Warden


    Welcome to the Forums, and your English is perfect. I’m really happy to hear about your success with the plan so far. I hope you’ll share your results of your Marathon with us too.

    Power certainly the best method for measuring intensity. It is more accurate, consistent, and versatile than HR and Pace.

    Do you need power? No, it is not required. It’s just like any other piece of equipment. There are always better, more expensive options. But, there are diminishing returns as the options get more expensive.

    I think that Pace is the best sweet spot. It is just as cheap as HR, and give you most of the benefits of power at less cost.

    If you can afford the power meter, and you liked the experience you had when you were testing one, I’d buy it. I’m sure you won’t regret it (but you don’t need it!)




    I would agree with Dave regarding various pieces of equipment, which depending on what a runner prefers correlates to what piece of equipment they purchase. For years I ran by pace but as I aged and accumulated age and sport-related injures I found pace more difficult to train by. I purchased a Stryd pod three years ago and love it. Yes, I still follow a pace, however, by training and racing by power, and knowing what power zones relate to pace, I train and race more efficiently. I run some routes with a lot of hills, which if going by pace alone, then I have to expend more energy to keep the pace but by running with power then I know when to slow down and when to speed up. Racing is even better. I ran a half marathon a few weeks back with a lot of hills and a 15 to 20-mile wind. Using a Garmin 245 w/music, I clicked to my Stryd race setting, set my race distance, and then my race power, and off I went. Stryd helped me up and down the hills and knew when I was running against wind or had wind on my back.

    With low spine degeneration and hip issues, two things I swear by now as a runner is using a Stryd pod and my 80/20 plan.

    Hope this helps,



    @Sparticus5 What is your experience with the Stryd target power predictor for races?


    Thanks guys. I ended up keeping the Stryd but only now could I also afford to upgrade to a compatible Garmin. The Forerunner 245 should arrive tomorrow. I‘m going to start the Marathon Plan over in a little while and make the switch to power based workouts – I’ll let you know how I get on! 🙃



    Stryd has been relatively close to predicting race power level and finish time. What I appreciate now is the addition of Dave Warden and my marathon plan. The 8020 plan has me running more efficiently with a great periodization whereas the Stryd plan was good but it had me running much faster and more often.

    Dave and Matt have discussed a runner’s subjectiveness to the reality of pushing too hard or not pushing hard enough, and, when to strategically push. Thus, if a runner does a bit of honest self-analysis in relation to training and using a Stryd pod in addition to utilizing an 8020 plan, then the Stryd pod becomes a guide instead of an end-all device.

    For me, Stryd doesn’t know I have low spine degeneration and hip issues, therefore, my pod won’t tell me to adjust my power level to show a negative split in the early miles of the race to counter the possibility of low back and hip pain towards the latter miles. Yet, I know what I need to run in relation to what I can run to finish well and safely.

    Three years ago I used Jeff Galloway’s marathon plan in addition to my Stryd pod. Sure, it made a difference combining both but did not have a lasting impact. I love running and racing with Stryd power but without a solid strategic plan (8020 Endurance), then my Stryd pod is useless. I used to have a good idea of what my body could do but not now. With every run there is pain but the degree of pain is different and at what mile marker that pain might increase to a point that I have to back off is a mystery.

    I wish you the best on your goals,




    I love my Garmin 245 w/music. Once you sync Stryd and Garmin, then use Stryd “workout app” for all of your runs. Your Training Peaks run schedule will link with Stryd very easily. TrainingPeaks will have your scheduled run calendar and Stryd will also show your training run schedule, and run completion metrics.

    I 100% agree with Dave Warden regarding using 8020 time-test run instead of Stryd. You will also want to enable Stryd auto-critical power and let your 8020 plan and TrainingPeaks control your power levels.

    Dave knows a great deal about Stryd.

    I wish you the best with your goals,


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