Sick 2 Weeks Before 70.3

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    I have been fighting a sinus infection that knocked me out of training the last 5 days, which was supposed to be the heaviest week of the plan. I tried a light run yesterday, felt ok, but then symptoms came back with a vengeance immediately after. I am supposed to be in Chattanooga in 2 weeks, but missing most of this week, including my last long brick has shaken me, even if I do feel better. Should I still plan to race? I would still finish but wouldnt feel good about it if I ran out of gas halfway into the run.


    That’s a tough call. How are you feeling now? If you’re not completely recovered, a race like that could be trouble. But if you are, there’s still the issue of a few missed workouts.

    Assuming that I otherwise felt good, I would probably do the race, but dial it back to an easier pace. Then if you’re just feeling amazing for the last part of the run, maybe kick up a notch or two. Just my thoughts.

    Leyla Porteous

    If you are better than yes you can still race. Fitness is built in the barn much further out than 3 weeks from a race, and whilst it has impacted your peak weeks – you still have a lot there if you trained well up to that date. Adjust your expectations, pace well, fuel well and enjoy yourself and I’m sure you will still have a great race day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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