Skipping workouts during travel in weeks 12/13 of Level 2 HIM Plan

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    Hi! I’m on the Level 2 70.3 triathlon plan and need to rearrange some workouts in weeks 12 and 13 to accommodate an upcoming trip. I’ve employed the advice shared here and in the book/resources to adjust my plan for this and prior trips, but given the length of time I will be away this time, it doesn’t currently seem feasible to make up all of the workouts in the days just before and after my trip. If there are any workouts that are OK to skip entirely in weeks 12 and 13 without compromising my overall fitness and the rest of my training too severely, which ones would you suggest I look at chopping? Would appreciate any guidance, thanks!


    I guess a different way to ask the question is: in 2 weeks of training with different types and distances of workouts (cruise intervals, mixed intervals, foundation workouts, aerobic workouts, tempo workouts, etc.) in what looks to be some pretty critical weeks in my HIM training — is there a general principle I could follow to determine which workouts to keep/modify and which ones to cut? If I could only do 4 out of the 6 scheduled swims over a 2-week period even after shuffling things around, which 4 should I prioritize? Ditto for the bike & run workouts.

    Not sure if I’m over-complicating this. Would appreciate some pointers.

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    Hi Tri_again,

    I would suggest simply reducing down the volume during this period to what is doable, maintain the general structure of your plan. Consistency wins when it comes to training, so continuing to train during this period as best you can will help maintain, but obviously you will not be building if you are going to be reducing the training back. This is where adding a bit more volume before you go, and when you return can mitigate any training volume progression lost during that time. There is no precise advice on what sessions to skip, but maintaining the 80% is fundamental with a few mod/high intensity sessions here and there. Don’t be tempted to make all your sessions moderate/high just because you are reducing the volume a little during that time.


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