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    With weather or time restrictions, is it ok to split an long bike or run into 2 workouts Am and Pm. example , CAe20, 2 hr trainer ride am and 2hr trainer ride pm. or RF17.

    David Warden


    Yes, in fact that is the preferred method for most two-a-day workouts. See the section Two and Three-a-Days from our document Understanding Your 80/20 Triathlon Plan.

    Two and Three-a-Days
    Some days have two workouts scheduled in the same day. On days with both a bike and run scheduled in the same day, it is not intended to be a brick workout (running immediately after the bike) unless specified otherwise. All days with both a bike and run should be done separately in the AM and then PM, or at least as far apart as possible, and in the order they are listed in your training calendar. If the bike and run must be combined, it is recommended to perform the workout with the most intensity first. Later in your plan, you will see BRO and BR workouts which provide guidance on optional and recommended brick workouts. When the two workouts in a day are a swim and another workout, it is recommended to swim first (so as to not swim while fatigued and compromise form). The swim and second workout do not have to be done AM and PM, and can be done back-to-back.

    If you have added an 80/20 Endurance Strength Plan into your primary plan, you may see 3 workouts scheduled in a day. If so, the strength session can be moved to any other day of the week as long as there is at least one day between strength workouts (Monday and Wednesday, but not Monday and Tuesday, for example). If you must keep the strength workouts on the same day as the bike and run workouts perform the strength session last, if possible.

    Whether two or three workouts in a day, the order is not critical. Don’t worry if you can’t perform the workouts in the order recommended above. It’s better to get all workouts in, in any order, than to miss one altogether.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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