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    Hi All,

    I added the 7 week running faster plan to my calendar (level 2) a week or so after my maintenance plan is over. Once the running faster plan is over, I will start a 5K plan (level 2) after a rest week. Given this information, does it make sense to do the following for the run faster plan:

    1. Add the 5K strength plan starting a week earlier than the run faster plan (the last week will bleed into my “off week” between running faster and the 5K, but I am okay with that);

    2. Add the 12 week core strength the same time I request the strength plan for the run faster plan (I.e. the week before I start the run faster plan), or do I hold off on the core strength and add it ~3 weeks before I start the 5k plan.

    Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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