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    Hi there – just wanted to clarify something.

    In the Ironman plan – I’ve applied the free strength training program, but have some clarifying questions…

    for the bent over row – it says to reverse stance and switch arms – but the video is showing the person doing this with both arms, and no leg switching?

    the reverse wood chop says to start with your left foot – but does not say to reverse to your right – should I??? this should then increase the total reps to 20? correct?

    – in the introduction, it says to complete 1 circuit of 10 exercises. However, it states that you complete each exercise one time before going back and repeating the full sequence… this is supposed to take ~ 20 minutes for 1 circuit of 10 exercises… which, I feel is strongly overestimating time – then I saw that each exercise calls for 8-10 repetitions (more if you switch sides) – so, with that being said, it is not doing the exercise just once – it is doing the exercise as prescribed 8-10 times, then moving to the next exercise? Here I can see that it would take the full 20 minutes…

    So would the first strength day would look like this? …
    Split-Stance Dumbbell Deadlift (8 to 10 reps – reverse stance and repeat)
    Side Plank (90 % for as long as you can hold – switch)
    Bent-Over Row (10 reps – reverse stance – repeat)
    Stability Ball Hamstring Curl (10 – 15 reps)
    Stability Ball Roll Out (12 reps – 3 second hold at the start position)
    Push-Up (20 reps)
    Standing Heel Raise (12 reps – brief pause)
    Standing Cable Trunk Rotation (12 reps – reverse – 12 reps)
    Reverse Wood Chop (10 reps) – waiting clarification
    Split Squat Jump (12 jumps in each position)

    … Maybe I’ll make cards for these too : )

    Thanks so much!!! Happy Friday!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    For the bent over row, follow the text description, not the video.

    For the reverse chop, follow the text description, not the video.

    You’re conflating the words “exercise” and “repetition.” The bent over row is ONE EXERCISE. It remains ONE EXERCISE whether you do one repetition of the bent over row, 10 repetitions of the bent over row, 100 repetitions, or 1,000,000 repetition of the bent over row. In each case, we’re talking about X repetitions of ONE exercise.


    Thanks so much Matt, that’s what I was thinking, and I really appreciate the clarification.

    I’m also excited to use the word conflate in a sentence today 🙂

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