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    Thinking of stepping up and getting a Stryd power pod/meter to better dial in my 80/20 training plan.
    I have already loaded the 80/20 app onto my Garmin 945, do I now need to find a way to add a Stryd activity field into the Garmin? Can the Garmin accommodate both the 80/20 app & the Stryd field(s)?


    Seasoned Triathlon

    Make sure you add the Stryd workout app on your 945.

    David Warden

    JB, also see but I’ve included the relevant section below for your convenience.

    Q: When using Power for my running structured workout on a Garmin, I can’t see real-time power or target power on the same data screen or I just see a symbol.

    A: This is a known issue, as Garmin and Stryd have not yet worked out a complete solution for structured workouts and power.

    For athletes using a Stryd plus a Garmin device, the best solution is the Stryd Workout App for your Garmin watch. This will allow for all relevant data to be displayed with the same workout screen. A video tutorial can be found here.

    For athletes using a Garmin Power device, or Stryd users on older Garmin devices that do not support the Stryd app, there are a few other workarounds for this:

    Turn on auto-scroll so the device rotates between the structured workouts screen and your real-time power screen.

    Change the workout type for the run workout(s) in TrainingPeaks from Run to Bike. This will force the Garmin device to accept the Stryd feed as a cycling power meter, and the structured workout will display real-time power in the same structured workout screen. When the workout is complete, change the completed workouts type back to Run in TrainingPeaks.

    Use an Apple Watch. The Stryd app with an Apple Watch allows you to see real-time power and a prompt telling you if you are in the correct zone.

    Consider the 80/20 Zones Garmin app, which will not completely resolve the issue, but it does display real-time run power and current 80/20 zone on the same screen.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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