Substitute for Variable Intensity Intervals

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    I’m training on the Marathon Level 1 plan and wondering what to substitute for the variable intensity intervals I have coming up this week. The challenge is this workout includes very short intense intervals (30 and 45 seconds), but I’m running on roads with occasional cross-traffic, turns, and potholes that require watching road conditions carefully–not the watch. This would be a great workout for the track, but that’s closed due to COVID 🙁

    What would make a good substitute? It’s a speedy workout, so I’m thinking something like hill repetitions (RHR34) or tempo (RT43). Enjoying the plan–just don’t want to twist an ankle because I glance at the watch during a 30-second sprint. Thanks

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I think the best substitute would be an Anaerobic Intervals Run (RAn). They aren’t included in any of our current run plans, but they are used in our triathlon plans and you will find them in our Workout Library.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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