Swapping recovery week with the week after

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    I am in the midst of the Triathlon Plan 1, in week 8.
    Next week is a recovery week, and the week after is the first week that has a brick workout. The volume also really seems to pick up in exactly that week.

    I will go on ski vacation that second week and will not be able to train except maybe for an occasional run on the treadmill, if the hotel has one. I will also not ski excessively, because I have 3 kids that have to be taken care of and I am a bad skier also… So I think that week won’t be physically that taxing.
    So in order not to miss that week in the volume progression, I am now planning to swap the next week with the week after.

    Is that an absolute no go, or is that ok? I cannot move the whole plan back by a week, because I have a race that I’ve backwards calculated from.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    If you’ve been tolerating the workload reasonably well up to this point, then what you are proposing to do shouldn’t be a problem. Enjoy the trip!


    Hi Matt – fantastic. Thanks for the swift reply! Cheers

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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