Swim Cruise Intervals and Tempo Intervals


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    Is it a good idea to use paddles for cruise intervals or tempo intervals? or are these swim workouts designed to be done without the use of swimming tools?

    David Warden


    Yes, paddles are a fantastic tool. There are two ways to accomodate this:

    1. Perform a swim test using paddles. You’ll then have two sets of zones: with and without paddles. When you don’t use paddles, your Zone 2 is up to 1:40 per 100, when you do use paddles, your Zone 2 is up to 1:35 per 100 (for example). This carries some risk, as Zone 3 with paddles is for advanced swimmers, and if you use huge paddles I would not go more than 100 meters at a time with Zone 3.

    2. Use perceived effort when using using paddles. You sort of know what Zone 1-5 feels like anyway when swimming, so just slip into perceived effort and go by what feels like the correct zone.

    Zone 2 is the perfect zone for paddles. You can safely and effectively use up to 50% of your total Zone 2 time with paddles, and up to 25% of your total swim time.



    Thanks a lot David

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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