Switch a swim for a bike in Ironman level 2

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    I’ve just started Ironman level 2 training and am loving the detail.
    I’ve done a few Ironman races and know that whilst my swim has room for improvement (a lot), I stand to make the biggest time gains on the bike. Would it be possible / recommended to switch out one of the 4 x swim sessions per week for an additional bike session instead? Would this build the bike ability more, or would it ruin the 80/20 approach?
    Many thanks

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Glad you’re enjoying the plan so far. The plan was built with full knowledge that there is more time to be gained on the bike in triathlons. We believe in training with equal frequency in all three disciplines, as it enables athletes to maintain strength in their strongest discipline while getting stronger in their weakest discipline. This is why the pros train with equal frequency in all three disciplines. Instead of avoiding your weakness, we suggest you really embrace a committed effort to improve “a lot.”


    Thanks Matt, will trust the program! Throwing in some strength training too, as advised, so looking forward to results and race.
    Much appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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