Switching from maintenance to ironman plan

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    Hi David,
    I’m currently on the week 1 of the maintenance plan. I’m training for the IronMan in July 4th and considering IronMan plan (level 1).
    22 weeks before the race will be Jan 22nd.
    What’s the best way to switch from maintenance plan to the IronMan: just start new plan on Jan Jan 22nd or continue with maintenance until certain time?


    David Warden


    We don’t like more than 26 weeks of non-stop formal training without some sort of break. A minimum 1-2 week break is recommended between plans. However, you will just be using 4 weeks of the Maintenance plan between now and the start of your 22-week IM, which puts you at that 26 week limit. In that case, just transition directly from Week 4 of the Maintenance plan to Week 1 of the IM plan.

    If you were doing regular, formal training before you started the Maintenance plan, that would extend you beyond the 26-week threshold, and then I would take a 1-week break before the IM plan.



    That makes sense to me – thank you for your response, David!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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